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Soluble filaments getting jammed  

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Soluble filaments getting jammed

I've tried two different soluble filaments now, and I am getting constant failures when the MMU tries to unload and reload the filament.   I can get sometimes 2-3 unload/load cycles, sometimes less, then the MMU just fails to unload the soluble filament.  

I don't seem to be having that issue with any other filament (that I've noticed yet at least).

Anyone with ideas?   What else do I need to tell you prusa wizards to help me diagnose this issue?


Posted : 09/10/2019 9:50 pm
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RE: Soluble filaments getting jammed

I'm having the same problem with Spoolworks Scaffold but have been getting improvements from my initial total failures. Choosing the Verbatim BVOH profile and altering it to have more Cooling Moves (I'm using 4 at the moment) and checking the tips they are coming out pretty good with only the occasional fine string. 

However! I am yet to use it on a long print as after an hour or two the filament gets ground out either on loading or unloading (unloading I'm pretty sure) by either the hot end gear or the MMU gear. I need to check for friction in the tubing etc. The grinding out location isn't always in the same place meaning it's getting ground when part way through a load/unload!

I think if you play with the cooling moves, unload/load speed and check your idler tensions (dissolvable filaments are a little softer than PLA so will grind easier) it will get you somewhere. I will post back when I get it working well as I am sure I will do! Oh and make sure your filament is bone dry before trying to print with it. I saw that it made a huge difference to the tip shapes.

Good luck!


Posted : 15/11/2019 2:21 pm