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Problem while printing with Polysupport/PVA  

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Problem while printing with Polysupport/PVA

Hi, I'm having a problem with my prints when I'm trying to print with easy to remove support (Polysupport) or Soluble filament (Polydissolve):

The printing in itself works great, but when finished, the layers just don't stick to one another, and the whole thing fall apart when I try to remove the support. 

First off, I want to say that I don't have this problem when I'm printing with only PLA or PET. 

I tried several things :

Adding a perimeter and increasing the infill % in increase the surface contact between each layers 
Over extruding a little to make sure the layers are well squished against one another.
Increasing the purge volume from 70mm^3 to 100^3, in case the problem comes from the fact that some of the support material is not purged enough and mix with the PLA.

All of this changed absolutely nothing to my problem. And yet it seems that I'm almost the only one struggling with that particular problem... Am I missing something obvious ? 

Posted : 22/09/2019 4:27 pm
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RE: Problem while printing with Polysupport/PVA

I had the same problem. The layers do not stick well to each other. It helps to increase the loaded purging volume. I did not change the unloaded purging volume. Even I put lower values to save the filament. Try first 140mm3 if it does not work then 200mm3 and so on. It seems it has to be purge much more that it is setup. It helps in my case. Still not very good but acceptable.

In addition, check how you have set up:

printer setup -> single extruder MM setup -> extra loading distance. I changed it from -25 to -15 or -10. It helped a lot.

For PVA you have to decrease the speed of printing. I put the speed of the support something below 20mm/s even 10mm/s...

Good luck.

Posted : 03/10/2019 7:36 am
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RE: Problem while printing with Polysupport/PVA


I thought I was the only one who has the issue, I have spend two weeks try to adjust my printer for use PLA and PVA and when i got it mi pieces were so weak due to the layers couldn't stick well between them, did you solve your issue?

Posted : 26/08/2020 4:06 am
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RE: Problem while printing with Polysupport/PVA

I know your pain, and after doing heaps of tests I concluded that at best the MMU2S is multi-colour (not multi-material on same print)


If you want to keep part strength then you need to purge crazy volumes (>2500mm³) between swaps. Also to get true multi-material capability your printer should have at leave 2 separate hotends
Posted : 02/09/2020 8:00 am
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RE: Problem while printing with Polysupport/PVA


Thank you, i am testing now PLA which has carbon fiber and PETG like you and i saw your post and i understand better but i am really sad, I really wanted it work but how I see it, it isn't worth it.

however i will try a little more with that PLA and see.

Posted : 02/09/2020 5:22 pm