MMU2 with soluble support material not generating bridges

MMU2 with soluble support material not generating bridges  

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I've got a large model that for prototyping has been modified specifically for 3d printing so that only the bottom 3mm needs supports (disregard the unsupported circular openings though - I haven't fixed those yet.)  The rest (higher) portions of the model make extensive use of bridging, which drops my print times from 3-4d to 1d.  However when I switch from a single material (support only for enforcers) to multi-material (support only for enforcers) the bridging disappears (pics below).  That happens both with soluble-full and soluble-interface only settings.  Toggling Print Settings - Support Material - Don't support bridges doesn't have an impact.  Does anyone know of the setting that controls the use of bridging when using the MMU2 with soluble support material?


Sliced in single-material mode with support enforcers (bridging generated correctly):


Sliced in soluble interface mode with support enforcers (bridging not generated):




Posted : 25/11/2019 5:43 pm

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