I need to print SIX materials - PrusaSlicer does not have an easy feature to pause print

I need to print SIX materials - PrusaSlicer does not have an easy feature to pause print  

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I've got a print job that will take a day to complete, and it would be nice if I could have the printer pause around Z=50.0 so I could change one of the feeds from one material to another.  I see that when I have PrusaSlicer set to a single filament mode, MK3s + MMU single for example, I can insert a pause.  Gcode shows the following inserted at the 17th out of 31 instances of positioning the extruder at Z50.0:

(Generated by PrusaSlicer)
G1 E-0.04000 F2100.00000
G1 Z50.000 F10800.000
G1 X82.041 Y62.149
G1 Z49.600
G1 E0.80000 F2100.00000
M204 S800
G1 F2700

(Suggested by Joan in a different thread)
G1 X10.000 Y210.000 E0; parking position
M17; turn on steppers (prevent moving)
M300 S2500 P1000; beep
M117 PAUSED; write message
M1; user stop
M105; return to current temp

I'd like to insert this into the code generated when PrusaSlicer is set to slice for MK3s + MMU2s, but in this file there are 33 instances of positioning to Z50.0.  Where does this pause code go?  Is it better to use the pause created by Joan (Thank you!) or by the Slicer?  Or is there a pause feature I can invoke directly from PrusaSlicer that is hidden?

Posted : 30/12/2019 3:18 pm
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I would use either M600 command at ;50 position or just swap the filament whenever it's not required anymore.

The good thing on the MMU2, you can just pull out the filament you don't need whenever you want. Once it's required, it will tell you to load. You can also insert the new filament manually while the printer is printing. 

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Posted : 30/12/2019 5:43 pm

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