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so ive finally got my mmu2 working to an acceptable lvl 2 or 3 load/unload errors in a 24 hour print, so ive started to delve into interface support i had hoped to use petg as the interface layer material when printing with pla i do this with my pallete 2 pro  with great success however when i slice my stl in prusa slicer the interface layers runs in the same direct as the support material causing the interface to not adhere in the slightest  ive tried rectilinear grid and honeycomb pattern for support material , the only way ive ever been able to get the petg to successfull stay is printing the support with a space of 0.5 or lower which is basically near enough 100% infill and alot of waste

my question is is there anouther solution am i missing a setting should i now just start slicing my mmu prints in s3d if s3d is the only way i can do this is there any infomation about how to slice for mmu2 in s3d you could point me towards  ??? 

i know i could use petg as the full support material but that represents alot more tool changes than i had hoped i would need

Posted : 15/12/2019 3:49 am
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Hi Karl, 

Have you made any head way with this problem? I have been trying to diagnose the same thing over the last few days using pla and pva. The interface layers dont seem to have any adjustments in prusa slicer, the way they print circular causes tons of problems adhearing to the rectiniliar, grid or honey comb support underneith it.. pva does not like to bridge either. Ideally a fix would be to repair the support matterial and interface layer direction as well as maybe a solid pla interface layer before pva... I have yet to figure out how to change either. Hopfully someone else has found a work around!

Posted : 04/01/2020 9:05 pm
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thought to be alone with this problem because for this major problem it is hard to find a thread. Have you found a solution to fix this problem?

Soluble interface layers are in parallel to supports and even when you change to rectilinear grid for supports, the interface layer is changing directions where no support is beneath.


This ends up with:

Hope to get a solution for this problem.

Posted : 11/02/2020 7:59 am
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Sorry, added not the fitting pictures to the misprint, but same problem...

Posted : 11/02/2020 8:07 am

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