Creating a opening in the bottom and a adding an Elliptical Cone support void?

Creating a opening in the bottom and a adding an Elliptical Cone support void?  

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I'm wanting to insert lighting inside a 3D models with nearly flat tops or shapes requiring top supports.   Being able to add a bottom hole and inserting an elliptical cone support void in PRUSA Slicer would be awesome.   Any ideas on how I can create something like this?  

Thanks, JT 

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Posted : 25/12/2019 2:52 am
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Could you print it with the top on the bed?

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Posted : 25/12/2019 3:28 am
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i did it once using modifier shapes,  if I remember correctly.. I told it no infill and no perimeters.  something like that.  been awhile, but I know it can be done in prusa slicer. 

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Posted : 25/12/2019 5:05 am
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Email me the file, or meet me for lunch somewhere.  What you ask seems easy enough to do; you are a smart guy; so I'm assuming the problem is more difficult than I think it is.  Let's plan a lunch or afternoon meeting.  I'll bring a laptop and we can knock it out together.

Posted : 30/12/2019 4:06 pm
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Having the same need to put a hole (generically, a void) into an existing part, I developed the following sequence of steps, which may or may not be documented elsewhere:

1. Import the .STL file and best to start in the overhead view (press "1" on the numeric keypad.)

2. Right click the part and select "Add part" and scroll right to the shape of the void you want to create. If you need a shape not covered by one of the stock shapes, say a hexagonal hole, you will have to create that shape externally, save as .STL, then use "Add part - Load", and select the newly created part/.STL file.

3. When it appears, select it in the part tree listing on the right and use the rotate/position fields to place it where you want it. The "size" field can also be used, although it's best to have made those selections in the external CAD modelling. It will also be more easily visualized if you make the length of the hole/void slightly longer than the thickness of the part where you want it located.

4. Once you have it properly located, click its button in the "Editing" column in the tree list and make the following changes:

     a. Infill - 0% (pattern makes no difference).

     b. Layers and Perimeters - Top - 0, Bottom - 0, Perimeters - 0

     c. Click the Edit button again, then "Change Type", select "Modifier".

5. Click "Slice now", it should show the desired results.


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