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Temperature change before retraction...  

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Temperature change before retraction...

In troubleshooting another problem with the MMU2S I noticed that the hotend temperature changes, to the next filament's temp, before the filament is retracted. e.g. using petg @230C and BOVH @200C: Switching to BVOH the temp drops to 200C before PETG is unloaded, and the same the temp increases to 230C before unloading BVOH (which makes it string badly).

Is there a way to make it change temps after retraction? Or is this a bug? I've looked through all the advanced filament settings as well as printer settings and see nothing that looks like it would adjust that.

It just seems like the retraction of a filament should be at that filament's temperature, not the next one.



Posted : 05/10/2021 7:16 pm