Prusa3D Slic3r MK3 v2.2.0 multicolor slicing problem

Prusa3D Slic3r MK3 v2.2.0 multicolor slicing problem  

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Prusa3D Slic3r MK3 v2.2.0 multicolor slicing problem. I have a Prusa MK3S MMU2S and I am using the lates version of the slicer, v 2.2.0. I can set the colors of the object, I choose usually wipe into the obget, or wipe into infill and when I slice the obgect everithing is gone in the g code. I have only the default color, T=0, and there are no code for changing the color in the generated gcode, other that the T=0 (default color) at the begining. Also in the menu where you can define to change color every 3 mm or every 10 layers, if you change the value of 3 mm to something else , for exemple 10 mm, it is ignored and the progam set a color change every 3 mm. After the g code is generated the object is draw in only one color, the default color. Trying to change colors works, but when you slice it again it reverts to only one color, no color change in the generated gcode for me. Only one time it generated a single color gcode not with the default color but with the third color (T=2), apparently the color numbers are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. There was no other color change in the g code , I had instructed for 3 colors, but the rest was ignored. So with the slicer v 2.2.0 I am unable to use multiple colors. In the only case where the slicer started with the start color I choosed after re-editing the sliced g code was again with the default code (T=0).

Is it only me or there are others with the same problem? Am I missing some settings? With older versions it color printig worked. Maby wipe into the obgect confuses the slicer? I did not try with an wipe tower.

So, if this is not a software bug, what I am doing wrong?

Posted : 30/05/2020 2:55 pm

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