MMU2S Idler barrel failure due to wobble third barrel in place now
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MMU2S Idler barrel failure due to wobble third barrel in place now  

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MMU2S Idler barrel failure due to wobble third barrel in place now

I had a wobbling body where the idler barrel attaches to the body a month and a half ago. I printed a barrel and all appeared fine until last week. The same symptoms arose, flashing failure to load material, and a new one the extruder wasn't getting enough filament so the prints were really shabby. I initially did not relate the failures to a loud cracking noise that occurred during a print. I printed, once again, another idler barrel. As I was installing it I noticed that without any screws attaching the motor to the body there is some wobble, I believe that the wobble in time destroys the idler barrel. This is because the motor may be trying to put the barrel in a position that is blocked by the body, hence flashing lights with strange failures.

I spoke with tech support in the past few days and they asked me to start the mmu without the idler NEMA motor attached and tell them what I see. The idler motor runs to slow to make any objective observation. So now they want me to connect it to the einsy board x-axis connector.  In my way of thinking, the motor axle is off-center. If that is the case, then even running it I won't appreciate any changes.

Has anyone ever heard of a NEMA motor being slightly off-center? If not do you have any suggestions?

I ordered a cheap NEMA motor to place into the idler motor's position. I figure that if there is no wobble then the motor would genuinely be bad. This is way more objective than the silly connect to the EINSY board suggested by tech support.

What happens with the wobble is that the barrel gets out of phase with the proper position of the bearings on the gears moving. What caused the extrusion problem was the barrel went into the loading position when it should've been in free run. The added resistance on the extruder motor couldn't be overcome. I was getting stupendous first layers, but once the speed increased the nozzle started sputtering on the surface of the prints. Being a newbie in this I thought that the problem was with the extruder, not the MMU.

Thank you and be safe.


Stay safe and healthy, Phil...
Posted : 08/05/2020 10:43 pm