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mmu2 firmware  

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mmu2 firmware

Very disappointed by this mmu2, it worked of rare time but especially spoiled filament .........
I try to upgrade to firmware 1.0.1-117 without success. With V1.41.0 with a pc or a mac the mmu2 card is not recognized by the USB port. So I can not resume the recommended settings.
After-sales service Prusa responds with distressing banalities.
Has anyone ever had problems with this electronics?

Posted : 07/12/2018 6:11 pm
Jakub Dolezal
Re: mmu2 firmware

Hi Serge,
regarding the firmware update, please try following:

1) Download and Install the latest drivers (v2.2.2)
2) Download and flash the latest firmware for the printer (v3.5.0)
3) Download and flash the latest fw for the MMU2 unit (v1.0.2)

Printer and the MMU2 unit need different USB cables for flashing, both are included.

Let me know, where you get stuck, after installing the drivers 😉

Assembly manuals / Knowledge Base
The guy behind Prusa assembly manuals......
Posted : 09/12/2018 10:45 pm