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Filament stuck while removing.  

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Filament stuck while removing.

First: the MMU2S is great, I love it, and I can print with it mostly without errors.

I can load filament as a charm,
print with it,
change to another filament while printing -> no problem.

But if I had to change a filament completely, I am getting every time into trouble. The PTFE-tubes in the MMU2s are a little bit wider than the ones, which are leaving the MMU2S.

I had to pull hard (like a cold pull), all the way through the tube. And I can feel,the thick tip of the filament passing my fingers. Sometimes, if I am unlucky, I had to push though the MMU2S cut off the tip, and then the filament is removable. If the selector is in front of the not removable filament (I can push it into the bowden to the extruder without problem -> wider tube) , I load it to the nozzle (not manual), unload, and then because the tip is not fully hardened, I can pull it through the "last" PTFE tube.

What is the solution? Does the Support read this thread?

Thx for help - Carsten

Posted : 12/11/2019 2:17 pm
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Now I have solved this problem.

I tried to get wider tubes 4mm x 2.5mm from prusa. Because I have bought my prusa in germany at the company iGo3D, iGo3D is my business "partner". I have called them 3 times. They want to connect prusa -> without a solution for me. At prusa, the support blocked my request. The problem is not known.

I decided to buy some ptfe tubes from china. After they arrvied, I installed them and NOW: Everythings is working fine! But on my cost! Therefore I can not recomment to buy at iGo3D. The price was the same as at prusa. And my thought to have a good support as a benefit was (a) my fault.

And @ prusa support -> the delivered tubes had been too tight! REALLY! bcause now it is solved. Why are you not delivering these first tubes in 2.5mm at all? or all tubes from the same lot? This will also solve the problem.

- Carsten


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