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colorFabb XT-CF20 not loading to MMU (or beyond)  

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colorFabb XT-CF20 not loading to MMU (or beyond)


Today is my first attempt to print with ColorFabb XT-CF20, or any carbon filled material.

Sadly, the MMU doesn't load the material at all. It seems like the MMU can't get a grip on the material. It also needs to be push hard to get it through the tube. Even if I assist with some pushing (in case there is too much friction in the tube), the MMU still doesn't load the material (though the light turns green as if it did).

I've printed PETG, PLA and bronzefill and those all loaded easily.

Does anyone know any tips or trick to resolve this issue?

Thank you!

Posted : 14/08/2021 2:18 pm