[Sticky] Original Prusa i3 MMU2S vs MMU2 + important links  

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MMU2S -assembly- manual  to print is missing!!!

We all sure that a ass. manual is needed.
But it does not come with the kit...

Because some people have a problem with this issue:

1. not everybody has a computer at his workbench
2.  not everybody has a huge computer table (in the living room, baby room...) with space for assembly.
3. not everybody has a laptop to place near the assembly workbench.
4. not everybody has internet access (all the time)!

This manal...- where you need a computer to read- is written in f*@k# java. No way to print.
For me I'm not able to assemble the kit now.

Not good, I'm not happy.




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Posted : 21/08/2020 4:18 pm
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Have you reached out to Prusa directly via the online chat or an email?

Posted : 21/08/2020 4:42 pm
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I'm not the only one who asks & needs a print to take with.
I pay for it, I buy the printer, the paper and the printer colors.
Sure, a online version is easy to update and good for customer.  If I print an older one from somewhere else... my fault, my problem.

Josef, as a business owner with direct customers, today I give you 0 of 5 stars.


Posted : 21/08/2020 8:18 pm
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I made hardcopy prints of a few of the assembly steps that were a bit tricky, such as the surgery on the extruder, and it worked fine, at least on my system.

Posted : 21/08/2020 9:19 pm
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