MMU2S upgrade prints fine from Filament 1 but not Filament 2?

MMU2S upgrade prints fine from Filament 1 but not Filament 2?  

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)Finally did my MMU2S upgrade last week, prints have been good when in filament slot 1, but when I tried in slot 2; it just makes a big mess (print lifts from corners/catches on extruder, etc.  What kind of calibration might I need for different slots?  

I printed a gear with slot 1, no problem, then moved the same filament to slot 2, didn't print....then moved back to slot 1, no problems.

I've never yet seen my MMU2(S) work; very disappointed so far.

Also, is the MMU2 unit the same between the 2 and 2S?  I didn't have any parts to upgrade the MMU in my upgrade kit.;

Posted : 07/09/2019 9:17 pm
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On original MMU2, there is filament calibration. But it's now outdated. With new chimney version, there is no need to have filament calibration. But people said otherwise. I suggest you google it and you'll see people's comment about needing calibration or not. 

MMU2 and MMU2S are little bit different. But MMU2S's huge difference is extruder as they removed magnet sensor and updated to chimney version. We also got filament buffer instead of using weird spool hooks. That's it.

Me, too, I haven't seen my MMU2 and MMU2S to work properly. I had little break through yesterday and now I'm going to test 5 filaments - hopefully, it goes smooth... 🤨 

Posted : 15/09/2019 1:49 am

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