MMU2 Feeding problem caused by... razor?  

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I came here because of this:


...but to be honest, this is just the latest in a long line of MMU2S frustration with loading.  To be fair, some of it was my fault - I apparently carefully and put the PTFE tubes in backwards. The first time I took it apart, I found that the filament had jammed the heck out of the blunt ends, so I replaced the tube with some 0.3mm ID PTFE (which I got to replace the 0.2mm PTFE feeding the MMU, because there was WAY too much drag going on to try to push it in through a buffer), chamfered it, and which worked, once.

Then it got all jammy on me, and when I finally got it to move I found that it had upped the ante and whipped out a razor blade. I also saw that it had taken the opportunity to cut and slice its way through the block in several other places before getting its shank stuck in front of hole #1. I came here to ask for help because while the MK3S works perfectly, the MMU only works if I load it by hand then tighten the idler down on it; it just can't seem to get the filament in the hole no matter how I bias the gears.

But then I read through these forums, and I'm thinking maybe I just wasted a couple hundred dollars on this thing.

Still, it was fun to share.

Posted : 23/07/2020 12:35 am
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That blade is tricky to place.  I've been told (here?) that the unit can be used without it with no issues.  (Is this (still) true?)

If the wayward blade damaged any pieces, they can be reprinted.  I would suggest that you go over the unit very carefully, check all steps to be sure there are no more pieces incorrectly assembled, and re-print any pieces that appear to be damaged.

I know that this thing will work as intended, but it is quirky and the learning curve is steep.

Posted : 23/07/2020 1:45 am
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Well, it sliced a new furrow in the block, but I don't know that that's an issue since the filament  doesn't even get that far.


Posted : 23/07/2020 12:38 pm

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