MK3S is on the way, should I also get the MMU2S?  

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MK3S (Kit) is on the way. 

MMU2S looks nice, and it seems if the same material is used - just different colors it would work nicely. (Correct me if I am wrong)

I am wondering if it would be beneficial to do the MK3S kit and the MMU2S assembly at the same time.

If the Mk3S is already assembled, is there a lot of disassembly to add the MMU2S?

Is there a lot of time and effort to be saved by doing the (MK3S) kit and the (MMU2S) upgrade at the same time?

Thanks in advance.


Posted : 18/10/2020 8:55 am
Karl Herbert
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Hello and welcome to the Prusaforum!

My recommendation: Work into the MK3 first, get to know the printer and the slicer first. The MK3 can easily be updated with the MMU (with or without S).

In the forum this topic and the initial difficulties with MMU2 are often discussed.


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Posted : 18/10/2020 1:19 pm
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Concur.  The MMU2 is a huge jump in challenges and it is good to learn the MK3S first before throwing that log (MMU2) on the fire.

Posted : 18/10/2020 2:39 pm
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I would echo the admonition to get the MK3S up, running, burned in, and debugged thoroughly before doing the MMU2S.

Although I've had good luck with the MMU2S, it has the reputation of being quirky, and it is.  The learning curve is steeper than the MK3S.

I would also suggest using the MK3S enough to know what it (and you) can do and to give yourself time to become confident doing prints on the base-level MK3S.

Posted : 18/10/2020 9:25 pm
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Thank you for the input.  Gonna listen to the advice and wait.  I appreciate the responses.

Posted : 18/10/2020 10:09 pm

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