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Downgrade possible ? From MK3 MMU2 to MK3  

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Downgrade possible ? From MK3 MMU2 to MK3

Hi all !

I'm also struggling of making my MK3 working after my MMU2 upgrade. Everything is mounted fine but can't get a Z calibration and also it seems now that I can't even upgrade the MMU2 firmware (can't see it even I'm connected using the micro-usb cable and I see MMU2: N/A in support..)

Well, my question is simple.  I have upgraded from MK3 to MK3 MMU2 but can I downgrade easily ?
I want to get back my working MK3!

Do I only need to unplugged the cable form the etsy board, remove the MMU unit and change the cover of the extruder ?  Because I have changed everything in the extruder.

Thank you very much

PS: also since last firmware update, I get the annoying message "MK3 firmware detected in a MK3S printer".  I've tried to upgrade with MK3S firmware and now it's the opposite message I get ! 'MK3s firmware detected in a MK3 printer" 🙄 

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Posted : 13/04/2020 12:20 pm
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RE: Downgrade possible ? From MK3 MMU2 to MK3

I'm watching this one to see what steps are required to remove the MMU.

Posted : 21/04/2020 3:57 pm
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RE: Downgrade possible ? From MK3 MMU2 to MK3

I too want to go back to MK3 and do away with my mmu2 upgrade how easy is it and How to do it?

Posted : 28/11/2021 3:57 pm