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Raspberry Pi Zero + MK3s per manual  

Christopher Laney
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Raspberry Pi Zero + MK3s per manual

So I've read through the comments about the Zero and suggestions / warnings when connecting to the printer in the case and running PrusaPrint.  That said, I have mine setup, runs perfect, host the site perfect, even runs the PiCam beautifully.
Only thing I am running into is this:

  • Power, other users who do this; do you leave your printer on at all time?
    • If so, is there a way to power down the screen to prevent burn in, or is this not a concern?
    • If not, how does your Zero/Ocotprint handle powering down and back on?

Reason I ask is that I am 3 printers in at this point, and I tend to power down when not in use.  I've noticed that if I do not pull up Octopi and shut the site down, when I power on again the zero does not connect to my router (shows the registered static ip, but device is not connected.)  To resolve I have to pull the Zero from the case and connect to a monitor to type in a command (dont have said command readily available and I'm in a 3 hour print atm) at which point the Zero/OctoPi finishes starting up and works as expect, then I can run the shutdown command and place it back in the printer.

What is the suggested way to do this, leave it on, power it down, am I missing a config in the octopi to address improper shutdowns? Advise me Wise Prusa Masters 

Thank you in advance for your time 


PS, to be clear the printer I am running at the moment is a Kit built MK3S, Firmware is up to date, and I have run 1 update in PrusaPrint/Octopi since installing it bringing it to current release.

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Posted : 02/12/2019 10:32 pm
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RE: Raspberry Pi Zero + MK3s per manual

You should power it down from the octoprint web site.  On the upper right hand corner there is a power button.

If you have the time you could make and awesome setup with a phone usb charger so when it detects that the power has been shut off it will issue a shutdown -now command.    Maybe a less awesome setup with just a button on top of the Pi.  I did the less awesome version of this on a Pi_1 scanner project, it worked out fine.

BTW, the pi zero really sucks.  Not only does the  web page respond like molasses, you will eventually get slow and jittery prints.  I ripped it right out when I experienced my first jittery print. The packaging is really sweet and neat but it is not powerful enough and needs multi cores to function as a web server and serial device at the same time. 



Posted : 01/01/2020 11:54 pm
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