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Prusa Enclosure Ver 2 Files  

Craig McGoo
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Prusa Enclosure Ver 2 Files

Afternoon Everyone.  

I am just trying to chase down the individual files for the parts for the Ikea Enclosure.  I can download them from the Prusa site, but they are all as one print. i.e.  The Corner Mounts etc.  Doing this makes the print around 10 to 11 hrs and I have been having some print issues, so I would rather print one or two pieces at a time.   

I have tried to import the STP files into my CAD program but they are one part and I cannot edit the individual parts out.  

If anyone can assist it would be greatly appreciated. 

Posted : 02/08/2021 4:46 am
Split em!

Hi Craig, 
Try importing the STL, then right click and use the Split function, then click on the individual parts that you want to remove, and delete them

then re arrange the remaining parts to print, 

when finished, reload the original STL, and repeat but remove the parts that you have already printed...


Regards Joan

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Posted : 02/08/2021 7:08 am
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I had a few issues too and ended up splitting the parts over a few more print jobs, plus I changed the infill to gyroid. Even on their own knowledgebase web page on infill patterns they point out that the grid infill used in the 3mf files crosses within a layer, which can lead to accumulation at the intersections and crashes, which is exactly what happened to me with some parts. No issues after switching to gyroid.

Posted : 02/08/2021 7:14 pm