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Max cable length  

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Max cable length

Hi guys,

I'm going to put I3 MK3 printer into the enclosure, planning to move rambo + power supply out of the box as well as front panel.

Unfortunatelly I can't find any details about max length of cabling. There are some issues reported on front panel running on extended cables due to voltage drop from 5V to 3.8V, therefore some weird issues with reading SD cards. This could be probably mitigated by using thicker wires as the resistancy will be decreased.

My questions - the max allowed length of following cables is:

  1. Power supply to rambo (not expecting any issues here as long as proper wire diameter is used)
  2. Rambo - heat bed (same as for Power supply)
  3. Rambo - steppers
  4. Rambo - PINDA + Fillament sensor
  5. Rambo - Heating element + temperature sensor
  6. Rambo - front panel
  7. Rambo - FANs

Thanks a lot - btw many people are building enclosure for their Prusa printers, wouldn't you mind to make an FAQ article with this topic?


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Posted : 30/09/2019 8:30 am
RE: Max cable length

Hi Jan. 


The power cables can be replaced with thicker, longer, cables

The standard is 16awg. 

14awg would do in most instances

The Lcd cables are length limited because of capacitance and cross talk. 

Twisted pair cables woyld help extend those... but they are still 'unterminated'  so very lo ng extensions  are out

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Posted : 30/09/2019 9:36 am
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RE: Max cable length

Assuming the Rambo unit can be placed outside the enclore, distance to the LCD wouldn't be the question. Power cables are clear.

Then points 3-7 are questionable. We're talking +60-100cm in total extension due to cable routing. 

Just to be precise, enclosure dimensions are 60x60x75 cm, printer sitting in the bottom middle

Posted : 30/09/2019 2:04 pm