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LACK enclosure building; double height?  

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LACK enclosure building; double height?

Imagine two LACK tables, with the legs joined so that one tabletop is the base and one is the top. This has enough room to use the printer without modifying the spool holder on top. I plan to put the printer enclosure on top of a drawer unit so legs that raise it aren't going to be helpful. I found the legs join together nicely with the included LACK double-ended screws. Apart from having to buy larger sheets of 3mm material for the sides everything appears to be more or less the same as the original enclosure design.

There are long IKEA LED light bars intended for the inside of cupboards that will mount vertically for light. I will also add a vent so that the enclosure can be vented to outside via a duct and a computer fan.

Any reason not to have the filament inside the enclosure?

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Posted : 05/07/2019 12:29 am
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RE: LACK enclosure building; double height?

It came out really well. 3mm plastic is not too flexy when you double the height. The Lack legs join to each other firmly with the double-headed screws. As to whether or not it is bad to have filament inside the enclosure I don't know still. It will be dust-free at least. Maybe the slightly warmer environment will help to keep it drier?

Posted : 09/07/2019 2:34 am
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RE: LACK enclosure building; double height?

If internal temps are above 40C, you're very likely to have issues printing PLA as it begins to soften prematurely. Be sure you can open it up to allow sufficient airflow when needed. 

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RE: LACK enclosure building; double height?


Posted : 23/11/2019 3:40 pm
RE: LACK enclosure building; double height?

as bobstro mentioned I would also recommend to put your spool holder outside of the enclosure seeing the amount of issues printing PLA inside of eclosure people post here unless you plan to implement cooling inside of the enclosure. Keeping the spools outside would be easier and cheaper.

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