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Does the mk3s fit in the Lack enclosure?  

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Does the mk3s fit in the Lack enclosure?

I'm in the process of printing the parts to build the lack enclosure for my Mk3s found here:

However, going through some recent comments, some are saying that this does not work for the Mk3s. The power cables are too short, the PSU bracket is wrong, heatbed cable cover not fitting.

Has anyone actually made this enclosure for the Mk3s? I'm just trying to figure out if I'm already heading down a bad path and find another solution.

Also, does anyone know of an even smaller adjustable spool holder? I have some small spools from Amazon that are even smaller than the narrowest. (Under 40mm wide)

Posted : 08/08/2020 6:18 pm
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RE: Does the mk3s fit in the Lack enclosure?

I did not do full enclosure, just stack two LACK tables on top of each other. It does fit under LACK table but very tightly and without spools or MMU2S unit. I see others do some inserts to get ab it more height.

I added another set of legs to double height (it is to high, but does the job for now until I decide how to mount MMU2S unit and spools.

My recommendation is get LACK tables first and check by yourself if it fits your needs, and what modifications would do the job for you.

Posted : 08/08/2020 6:48 pm
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RE: Does the mk3s fit in the Lack enclosure?

Both the mk3 and the mk3s really need a replacement heat bed cable cover that makes it come out at 90 or 60 degrees to comfortably fit in the lack enclosure.   However both will fit into the enclosure. 

Posted : 08/08/2020 8:28 pm