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Bondtech LGX mounts (and a hello).  

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Bondtech LGX mounts (and a hello).

Hello, new user here. Just recently got a Mk3S+, after owning (and continually modding/fixing) and Ender 3V2. So far I am... extremely impressed with the Prusa.

My question: Do you know if there exist any pre-designed mounts for attaching a Bondtech LGX to a MK3S+?

I've found some commercially available products from Bondtech or Slice Engineering, but they seem to require the addition of one of the Slice Engineering hot ends, whereas I will be sticking with the stock V6 setup.

I've tried searching other places to no avail.

Posted : 22/10/2021 8:42 am
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Bondtech sells one:

On the cheap?  You might find one here:


Chuck H
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Posted : 22/10/2021 9:14 am
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Topic starter answered:

Thanks... I'd looked at the former previously, and it's adapted specifically to work with the Slice Engineering hotends.

(I guess there's no overriding reason to install the LGX, the stock seems to work fine.)

Posted : 22/10/2021 9:42 am