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BNBSX New Extruder Motor Question (Wiring Harness AWG)  

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BNBSX New Extruder Motor Question (Wiring Harness AWG)

I'm looking to build the BNBSX for my MK3S and I have the motor in hand referenced in the install instructions. The motor came with a pathetic 3 cm of wire at the end and I need to make a wire harness for it so I can hook it into my Einsy. I think I found the correct parts I need on digikey, but wanted to double check with the more knowledgeable folks here before pulling the trigger.

What wire gauge should I be using for the harness? The PHR-6 I found only has crimps that fit in the connector for up to 24 AWG but the max rated current is 0nly 0.577A for power delivery which is below the motor's max rated current. Is this the correct wire to use or did I find the wrong connector and a 2.5mm pitch connector is actually needed?



Posted : 13/01/2021 12:37 am