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Anyone willing to print a different ABS fan shroud for me?  

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That looks pretty good.  I will test print it Monday night.  

Posted by: @dan-rogers

I'll be printing this mashup today in ABS and seeing how it fits on my MK3S+.  I think it will be pretty close to good. If anyone else wants to try - the pattern is attached. (untested)

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Chuck H
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Posted : 05/09/2021 2:29 pm
Dan Rogers
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Now with pictures on the MK3S+

Printed out in lime green ABS-T.  Clearances and centering look good.  Slight cant to the way it sits - might be adjustable.  Clearances all look good.  Nozzle and heat block illustrate what PETG does 🙂

Posted : 05/09/2021 4:25 pm
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Looks amazing

Looks really good, how are the overhangs with it compared to the stock shroud?

Posted : 05/09/2021 5:31 pm
Dan Rogers
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Time will tell

The one I remixed to make this one that fits a MK3S+ has been on one of my printers for a month or so.  I do think I see a difference in bridges.  I printed a sun-dial last week that had some inch-ish bridges on movable parts (tight tolerances) on the thing that makes the shadow ... (it has a name that I do not know).  I never saw that machine make such a clean bridge and I attribute that to this more radial design.  With this mashup I am going to have to see how it works on the MK3S+.  

I have several bridge-intensive prints that I need to make periodically - now that both machines have the same basic design of part fan shroud attached, I can see if this one needs any fine tuning or not.


Posted : 05/09/2021 9:45 pm
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If anyone else wants to try - the pattern is attached. (untested)

I finally had a chance to print this new shroud design. The two anchor points are a bit too close together, the right one that just slides in I think needs to be shifted to the right by a mm or so. I could try to hack it in Fusion 360 but Dan, if you would be willing to share the design file? I can squeeze it in by force but it's not great.

Posted : 16/09/2021 7:15 pm
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