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Air Purifier  

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Air Purifier

Hello, does anyone know how I’d go about connecting this fan ( 1" target="true">Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM, High Performance Cooling Fan, 4-Pin, 1700 RPM) to my MK3S if it’s even possible? I’m using it as an air purifier for my enclosure and I want it to turn on when my printer turns on. Any suggestions?

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Posted : 23/01/2021 5:44 pm
RE: Air Purifier

This appears to be a 12 volt PWM controlled 120mm square fan. 
Your Mk3 Printer is a 24 volt printer. so there is no direct power source to drive the fan. 
there are 4 wires 
+12 Volts, 
Tacho signal 
PWM signal

Noctua see, to say that you can use a 4 pin fan where you would normally use a 3pin fan. so I expect that you could run this fan with Just +12volts and  Ground ( the tacho pin is an output that you can simply ignore... )  But you don't have 12 volts on a Prusa Mk3 Printer. You could use an external wall wart to drive the fan, and just turn on the fan, when you want it...    If you have a 2 socket extension lead, you could use the wall switch to turn everything on and off together. 

Or you could get a DC tp DC Buck Convertor   and drop the 24 volts off the power supply to 12 volts for the fan. 

your normal printer fans are 5 volts, so their supply is not suiteble


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Posted : 23/01/2021 7:00 pm
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RE: Air Purifier


Okay! Thanks for the help!

Posted : 23/01/2021 7:03 pm