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.15 mm nozzle  

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.15 mm nozzle

Hi.  I'm tying to dial in settings for a .15mm e3d nozzle to print at .05mm layer heights (printing miniatures).  Not surprisingly I've run into a few nozzle clogs and am trying to make prints more reliable.  I have a few questions and thought some might have some ideas to my questions below:

In every case so far, the filament removed from a jam is chewed up pretty badly.  I've read in some places this can indicate the jam was an extruder torque issue, so I'm wondering if I should be looking into extruder changes?

I've also read from e3d that filament choice can have an impact.  To this point I've stuck with PLA (prusament and a few other brands), and I'd really prefer not to use ABS simply because of the odor, but are there specific filament brands/types that people have found more reliable?

Lastly - settings... .05mm layer height, speed 10-20mm/s, temp at 200, extrusion multiplier at .98 (no noticeable under extrusion to this point), no retraction.  Should I try higher temps?  Anything else I should be changing?

Posted : 20/07/2020 12:19 pm
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RE: .15 mm nozzle

If this is your 1st experience with smaller nozzles, I'd try something more intermediate (e.g. 0.25mm) and gain some experience with that, then work down when and if you need smaller details. The key is to use a nozzle as small as necessary to pick out the details on your prints, but no smaller. If you use a nozzle much smaller than those details, you're just slowing yourself down and the prints may not be very strong.

If you're printing parts so detailed that a 0.15mm nozzle is necessary, you probably want a resin printer.

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Posted : 20/07/2020 2:07 pm