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I have a MK3s and running the 3.8 firmware.  I have a raspberry Pi running and Octoprint.  I recently upgraded the slicer software to the 2.2 version.

Now when I go to print and load the gcode file into Octopi, my camera no longer works.  I have Octolapse plugin, and it was working with that, or just the regular viewing with camera.  Now with Octolapse enabled, I get an error, and can't print until I disable Octolapse in Octorpint.

Camera worked fine, until I upgraded to the new PrusaSlicer.  This is why I do not want to upgrade my printer firmware, even thought the printer keeps beeping to upgrade to new version.

Posted : 19/07/2020 8:17 am
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You can disable the firmware version beeps in the printer menu. Be aware that 3.8 has a bug that can cause layer shifts with the filament sensor enabled.

Does your camera stream using Octoprint when not printing? 

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Posted : 19/07/2020 4:31 pm
Buckeye Slicer
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yes it does work when printer is not printing.  I would like to upgrade firmware also, but alot of people say they've had problems after upgrading, and if it works fine , leave it alone.  I do not want to have to recalibrate everything , reset this and reset that.  Other thing is , is it better to wait maybe 6 months or so till all problems are totally worked out with new version.  Also not sure there is anything new that is earth shaking that I need, or would make things easier.

Posted : 19/07/2020 6:36 pm
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Perhaps the Octoprint Forum can help you better in this matter. It may be due to Octolapse or your current Octoprint version. I don't think the problems are caused by the printer firmware or PS.


I hope you find something suitable to solve your problem 👍 

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Posted : 19/07/2020 6:52 pm

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