Stepper Motor Upgrades to Eliminate VFA's (Vertical Fine Artifacts)

Stepper Motor Upgrades to Eliminate VFA's (Vertical Fine Artifacts)  

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Can someone please point me to the latest firmware repo please?  I know Guy has been been occupied with bigger things.

I'm still on 3.8.ish

If you are looking for 0.9 degree X/Y support on a 3.9 branch, this is your best bet right now from what I can tell:

Posted : 12/10/2020 10:02 pm
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Hi Everyone,

Looking this forum posting inspired me to go mad. Like MAD MAX ROAD WARRIOR MAD, Mad like with Moons MS17HA2P4150 on X and E, and MS17HA6P4150 on Y. I know that max current is 1.5A and Einsty can deliver 1.4 RMS, i'll take the bit on the loss of .1 Amps in performance. Thermal issues, lots and lots of current = lots and lots of heat. Over the driver vias on the back I have large heat sinks and I am going to be running a fan too until I figure out liquid / thermal electric cooling the board with controller. Also, I probably going to trying to put external copper heat blocks on the outside of motors with coolant flowing through the copper to chill the motors.

Looking through the github for the EinstyRambo, the sense resistors are .22 ohm , I noticed in Guy's AMAZING CODE, that he has the base value to .2 in tmc2130.cpp then in cur calc the divider value picks up the hundredths precision. Three questions; in NON stealth mode (dont care about noise) if in configuration_prusa the scaler value is set to 63, then the drivers would be supplying close to 1.4 amp RMS - correct? Second question, for crazy idiots like me, Guy dropped the hundredth precision on the initial variability for the sense to "slightly" protect the board - is this assumption correct? Third off the rail question, how does the regulation, PSSR, and DC noise from the power supply affect the TMC and their ability to build an analog wave with low noise? I know there is a bunch of by pass caps through out the board, but I am building a DC to DC power supply for a DAC, and the DC ripple noise requirements are crazy. Given that the TMC are building not the same but similar wave functions, I thought there might be a correlation. 

Also, I am changing the PWM pins for the bed heater and nozzle to external PWM controlled MOSFET for reduce massive current flows through the board. I will update if I get successful completed. 

Latest, thank you to Guy for developing the code. Thank you to everyone that has posted on this thread - absolutely amazing. Looking forward to heard back from everyone.


Posted : 20/10/2020 6:52 am
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