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Some questions before I replace my power supply  

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Some questions before I replace my power supply

My power supply recently died on my MK3. After doing some searching and reading, I plan on replacing it with a Meanwell LRS 350.
I am always a little leery when dealing with electronics so I wanted to ask some questions before I jump in. I have put together a couple computers and bought the MK3 kit so I have some experience.

1. This power supply will work, correct?

2. Can I reuse the power switch and plug from the old unit or should I get new ones?

3. Is there anything I should pay particular attention to when wiring things up? I don't want to fry my printer or burn my house down.

Any advice or wisdom is greatly appreciated.


Posted : 28/05/2020 3:24 am
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RE: Some questions before I replace my power supply

I purchased the same one and paid a few bucks more.  It will work.  

MEAN WELL LRS-350-24 DC Power Supply, 24V 14.6A 350W

I replaced my power supply cables at the same time and added quick connectors:

XT60 Connectors Female Male

I also replaced the case:

This allows me to put my power supply on my table outside my enclosure.  

Chuck H
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Posted : 28/05/2020 9:19 am
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RE: Some questions before I replace my power supply

Meanwell should be fine. I have the same one sitting, waiting for an excuse to add it in.

Thingiverse has some PSU ends you can print that add a socket and switch. You would need to buy the appropriate parts.

MK3 advantage - you can move the power fail board to the new PSU. Can't do that with the MK3S PSU.

Posted : 28/05/2020 2:56 pm