Question: anyone made a bigger electronics enclosure?  

Pepe le Vamp
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I'm mostly afraid of modding my MK3 because of the insane jungle that is the electronics box. All those wires cramped up in there like my farts during an office meeting.

Has anyone made a bigger box thats compatible with the MK3? I want to put the raspi in there and stuff but I'm not certain I can even close the door to say nothing of finding anything inside that crazy maelstrom of cabling.


Posted : 28/12/2019 1:40 pm
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There are several alternate designs on Thingiverse. A lot of the designs to accommodate various Raspberry Pi solutions might meet your needs. This one seems specifically designed for cable management. I haven't gone this route yet, but am alternating between a bigger electronics box, or modular disconnects for testing hotend configurations. Going through a swap once was more stressful than it needed to be.

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Posted : 28/12/2019 5:44 pm
Pepe le Vamp
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that is fantastic. thank you very much. i hadn't been certain about what to search for.

i too like the idea of separate electronics box but i realized that having the electronics box screwed in might actually assist with the stability of the frame. then again the metal is probably way stronger than the plastic is.

im gonna have a browse through these designs. cheers

Posted : 28/12/2019 7:20 pm
Karl Herbert
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Vielleicht in der Richtung:


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Posted : 29/12/2019 12:58 am
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I have to put up a link to my absolute favorite Pi 3 case. He has one for Pi 4 also. Direct mount to the MK3 and MK3S frame.

I really like my fan and Buck converter in the case...

Posted : 29/12/2019 1:49 am

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