Pi 3B+ or 4B for OctoPrint?  

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Hi, if I want to use OctoPrint on my i3 MK3, which controller do you recommend? Don't know if the new 4B is a bit overkilled. I may also put a camera inside my enclosure.   Is there an official setup guide?

Posted : 21/06/2020 7:54 pm
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I just built a controller from the 4B.  It was actually less expensive than the 3B at my store.  Working with a high def camera with no issues.  Given the choice at the same price point, go with the 4B.

Posted : 21/06/2020 9:03 pm
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Thanks. How many memory would be sufficient?

Will this Octoprint replace all functionalities of the LCD which came with the printer? I may eventually also add a touch screen. Have you tried a touch screen also?

Posted : 21/06/2020 9:21 pm
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The 4B is faster and has less lag.  I have the 2GB versions.  I bought one for each printer and have an extra with a filament manager so I can sue the same spools available as a choice across the printers.  

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Posted : 21/06/2020 9:24 pm
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I used a 3B+ for a while and the print times went through the roof compared to printing from SD card. I noticed the printer was waiting sometimes for commands and I have a Logitech HD camera connected. Never tested it without the camera, but knowing how these things work, processing the HD from the camera would have had an impact.

Switched to the 4B, 4GB and no problem at all, although 2GB would be sufficient. The 4GB I was using for something else that didnt need that power/memory.

Posted : 24/06/2020 8:27 am

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