OctoPrint / OctoLapse on the MK3s (2020-Jun) -- FYI  

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FYI - Here are my settings (and where I got them) and my result.

I am using an external pi 4 and pi 3 (I forget the actual model names) with each powered by their own ps and connected to the USB port on the top of the Einsy.

I loaded OctoPi from the prebuilt image.  It was just easier to do this rather than start with a clean install of the OS and add OctoPrint manually.

I had to change the MK3S LCD settings for "Pi" to "OFF" which seemed counter intuitive since I was obviously using a pi.  I read somewhere here the reason and knowing it now it makes sense but I would think maybe a rename of the setting would clear things up.  The LCD setting is actually for using the INTERNAL USB port for the Pi-Zero which is not what I am using.

I used the standard pi camera v2 for viewing.

For the printer profile I used the settings mentioned here - Settings

I loaded the following OctoPrint plug-ins for various utilities:

For OctoLapse time lapse recording, there was one setting that was suggested for the PrusaSlicer which was to enable verbose GCode.  This helps OctoLapse figure out the safest places to grab a screen shot without impacting print quality.  The rest of the PrusaSlicer images were just gathering printer facts.


Above is the one change I made in PrusaSlicer to aid OctoLapse in figuring out safe places to take a snapshot.

I need to go setup an API key if I want PrusaSlicer to be able to talk to the OctoPrint.  Haven't done that yet but the key would go above.

OctoLapse Settings

I have to figure out how to set the head location for snapshots so that I can place my pi/cam in a more convenient place and still get unobstructed views of the print.

Following post with be the OctoLapse time lapse image of printing the Pi 4 case with a 30mm fan port in the hex mesh style.

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Hmm, sorry those screen shots aren't too clear.  I might edit to transcribe them.

Video from OctoLapse to come next post.

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I may have to try a couple of those plugins.  Does the heater plugin work well?

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Posted by: @charles-h13

I may have to try a couple of those plugins.  Does the heater plugin work well?

I haven't tested runaway heater shutoff yet 🙂

But putting the heater values in the navbar is nice.

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I have to tweak a few things.  First, here is the Pi4 case I printed using https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3723561

The author has lots of variations and I chose the hex mesh with the 30mm fan.  I forgot to include a camera cable cutout which I am not sure he has a flavor of with hex and 30mm fan.  Nothing that some needle nose pliars can't break out.


And here s the time lapse from OctoPrint/OctoLapse


I really need to tweak the lighting (maybe put an LED on the camera stand) and tweak the FPS to make it look better to the viewer.  But the basics are working. I moved the camera to the back side to try to get a better view.

Here is the first attempt but I will delete the video once I get a better one with better settings...

Man, it is really hard to embed videos here.  YouTube links crash for me and uploads to this media gallery are just as challenging for me.

[video width="640" height="480" mp4="https://forum.prusaprinters.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/pi4_mesh_sm_fan30_screws_0.2mm_PLA_MK3S_4h12m_20200622142351.mp4"][/video]

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