mods contest?  

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There have already been many contests to find the best or most useful prints with our printers. But I miss a contest to find the best moding. Yes, we all have a Prusa Original printer and I think that is because we appreciate its quality and the support of the community and the company. But most of us have made some kind of change to our printers. Some very simple and others very complex.

So why not a mod contest?

But, since these are models to print, some rules should be set. For example, the modification does not require other than the original firmwares. Also, if possible, that large investments are not needed in purchases of exotic or expensive material. Perhaps there could be two categories: prints that do not need to buy additional material and prints that require small hardware changes.

What do you think?

Sorry for my poor English. I try to do my best....
Posted : 30/05/2020 10:26 am

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