MK3S/MMU2S Lack Enclosure, PLA Parts?  

Keegan Neave
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Proabably a daft question but would printing the parts for the MK3S/MMU2S enclosure in PLA be an issue?  It says PETG in the manual but I've a few KG of PLA from another project and I'd rather use that up if I can.


Posted : 23/07/2019 5:37 pm
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It depends how hot you want to have your enclosure. Around 40C should be no issues. If you go up towards 50-60C, PLA (depends on the brand) might get soft already.

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Posted : 23/07/2019 5:50 pm
Keegan Neave
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Cool, thanks. Probably worth the investment in that case

Posted : 25/07/2019 4:44 pm
FDM 3D Printing
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Of course PLA can be used for your enclosure parts but the reason that PETG is recommended is that PLA is deteriorating over time. It is also not UV resistant. PETG is much durable for mechanical parts. Hope this helps.

Posted : 31/07/2019 11:25 am
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Good questions and answers.  On a related question, we make and have a lot of recycled HIPS.  I want to make the Mk3 + MMU double LACK enclosure out of HIPS.  Am I correct in thinking that I'll be okay if I open the original models in SLIC3R, change the bed and nozzle temps to HIPS appropriate, and then export as newly named GCode files?

Posted : 29/12/2019 5:17 pm
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I guess I will answer my own question.  We tried to change just the temperature to a HIPS appropriate extruder and bed set and left it at PETG (not PLA), and the print failed.  We then went into SLIC3R and changed the plastic to HIPS which reset the temps correctly.  We used isopropyl alcohol to produce good initial adhesion.


Ultimately the HIPS print failed again due to poor adhesion between layers.  Low shop temperature may have been a factor, but very disappointing.

Posted : 09/01/2020 1:59 pm

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