Make your own Prusa filament?  

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Hi everyone!  OK, an odd question I'm sure but has anyone done any "home-made" filament making that actually works in the Prusa MK3S?  

Our son wants to do a school project to recycle filament, I think the +/- .05mm tolerance is a bar too high.. but hey it never hurts to ask!

Thanks for any of your thoughts and experiences!

-GOSSM family

Posted : 20/05/2020 12:59 am
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Filastruder is a commercially available extruder that claims " Generally +/-0.02mm tolerances are no problem with a winder, or +/-0.05mm without. "  The winder is a spool winder that is also sold by Filastruder.  The winder loads the filament on to an empty spool automatically while the filament is being extruded.  I don't have any experience with this device, so I don't make any claims about its capabilities.

Best Regards, Doug

Posted : 23/05/2020 1:26 pm
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Hey, thank you for the lead! Super helpful, very kind of you.

Posted : 23/05/2020 5:00 pm

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