Lack Enclosure V2 leveling doors  

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I've just finished assembling my Lack v2 enclosure and the doors don't seem to line up where I can have them both closed. I'll try to add some pictures later but it's hard to show the clear glass. 

Looking at the front of the enclosure, the front-left leg needs to lean in probably a mm or two, and the front-right leg needs to lean out probably 4-5mm. If I do this manually then the doors line up but now I can't get the lid closed because it doesn't line up anymore. There doesn't appear to be any way to "level" the legs by adjusting the screws that are part of the enclosure. I thought maybe I should print some kind of L bracket but I wanted to check here first.

FYI I did check the measurements on the glass panels even though I ordered them pre-made from

Posted : 25/09/2019 7:35 pm
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If it is any consolation - mine don't line up either. I did move the alignment block on the top to force the side out a bit.

I improved it quite a bit by reprinting the top hinges. I more know what I am doing now...

See how close your panes come to the legs. I was considering notching the pane where it fits in the hinge.

I did suggest to PrintedSolid they offer a -1/8" option. I don't want to try trimming these panes myself.

Posted : 25/09/2019 7:44 pm

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