Has anyone mounted a borescope to the extruder carriage?  

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The only place I can see that it will fit and not get in the way is on the back where the wires all exit the extruder head. I am planning to design a bracket to go on it to hold the borescope, but if someone else has already designed one I would be most appreciative.

Posted : 20/05/2018 12:38 am
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Here is the design I used. I took the opportunity to redesign the cable holder as I use textile sleeving rather than spiral wrap.

Cable Holder

Camera Mount

The Parts

Camera Fitted

Camera View

Video of Printing

I still have to design a cable holder to hold the camera cable out the way of the print. It will be mounted on one of the z-axis tops. I am also thinking of adding a clamp plate to the main cable holder to spread the loads from the cable ties to reduce the risk of the ties cutting the cables.


Martin Wolfe...
Posted : 20/05/2018 6:32 am
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Here is the design I used. I took the opportunity to redesign the cable holder as I use textile sleeving rather than spiral wrap.

That is awesome. Would be an amazing troubleshooting tool as well since the nozzle is so hard to see.

What model of scope is that?

Any chance you'll be selling or sharing these when they're done?

Posted : 20/05/2018 7:55 am
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Awesome! I recently posted the same idea ( https://www.reddit.com/r/prusa3d/comments/8jln37/easy_closeup_nozzle_mounted_camera_for_mk3/ ) although I had not yet designed the holder. Please let us know the status of your project!


Posted : 21/05/2018 10:38 pm
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I have now finished my camera holder. There has been no changes to the camera holder and the modified Prusa cable holder. The only new part is the Camera Cable Holder. The clamp plate I am thinking of, like the main cable holder is not part of the Camera Mount Project although I have included the main cable holder as part of the project issue.

If you still use the spiral wrap on the extruder cable you may need to modify the camera mount to allow for the fact the unwrapped cables from the heater block do not take as much room or insert a bit of padding over the cables.

Camera Cable Holder Design Drawing

The Fitted Cable Holder (Test Version)

Issue Sheet

Project Files Here

The project files contain:-

  • Issue Sheet

  • PDF of the Drawings

  • Drawings in AutoCAD 2018 DWG

  • Drawings in Autodesk 2018 DXF

  • Drawings in JPG format

  • STL files

  • Photos
  • The camera I used is WiFi Wireless Endoscope,EletecPro Inspection Camera 2.0 Megapixel 720P HD.

    Any other similar camera will do. However if you regularly print ABS in an enclosure try to find one that works at a higher temperature than the 60°C that this one is rated at. It is however fine for PLA and PETG as the draft from the part cooling fan will stop it over heating. The camera mount is specifically tailored to this camera including ridges that align with the recessed printed rings on the camera.


    Martin Wolfe...
    Posted : 22/05/2018 12:14 pm
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    This looks great !

    How much distance is between the zipties and the heatbed at first layer ? Looks not so much 😯

    BTW. I use a similar camera on my "old" MK2. https://shop.prusa3d.com/forum/-f14/prusa-blackpc-edition-t4723.html


    Posted : 22/05/2018 12:52 pm
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    The zip ties are only a couple of mm clear of the bed/model. Pretty much the same clearance as the PINDA and print fan nozzle. That clearance is what limited the tilt on the camera and why the heater block fills half it's field of view. I have not yet produced a model of the extruder with the heatsink assembly fitted to get an accurate measurement. At some point I will do so and possibly revise the angle the camera is mounted if there is room.

    I like your use of a redesigned part fan nozzle to mount and supply cooling to the camera. Better than relying on cooling from the default Prusa nozzle like I am.


    Martin Wolfe...
    Posted : 22/05/2018 2:18 pm
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    I have now converted the main elements of the hot end into AutoCAD DWG format and as a result I now have a definite clearance from the zip ties to the print/bed. The clearance is 2.2mm assuming the ties are tight and are at 45° to the horizontal.

    Drawing With Section Showing Clearance Added


    Martin Wolfe...
    Posted : 23/05/2018 9:59 pm
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    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but just wanted to say that borescopes are now very cheap! ($20!) and small. The diameter on the one that i ordered is about 5.5mm / .2 inches. I was able to use the modified cable guide/support from martin and didn't even need the lower "plate". I have more than 1-2mm of clearance... almost 6! 




    thanks for the part and idea!



    Posted : 09/01/2020 5:54 pm
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    Hey, this is a really neat design, and your drawings look great. I have a borescope I don't use much, and it's wifi - free print monitoring from across the house! You're one hell of a designer. Thanks, man!

    Posted : 13/02/2020 1:52 pm

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