Best way to do Octoprint Pause  

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I'm currently using the gcode script below to do Octoprint pause.  It lifts and turns off the extruder, but leaves the heatbed on. It works fine, except that if the printer is paused for more than 30min Prusa firmware does its safety heater shut-off and then waits for a user to click the LCD knob.  This is bad for 2 reasons:  1) The heatbed is off, which can lead to the print popping off, and 2) I can no longer re-start the print without being physically at the printer to push the knob.  Is there a better way to do pause where it'll keep the bed on indefinitely or at least won't go into "user input required" mode?  Thanks.

M117 Print Paused ; Comment
G91 Z ; Set to relative positioning mode
G1 Z15 ; Move hotend away from part by 15mm
G90 Z ; Set to absolute positioning mode
;disable all heaters
{% snippet 'disable_hotends' %}
;disable fan
M106 S0

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