Print bed frame wont align with heatbed standoffs
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Print bed frame wont align with heatbed standoffs  

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Print bed frame wont align with heatbed standoffs

Has anyone else had problems mounting the heatbed onto the frame?

Specifically, I can either mount the 4 points at the ends of the arms, or the 2 center points where the y-axis is attached to the frame.

In the build process, the two center mounts come after the y-axis is mounted so it is difficult to see how much out of alignment the standoffs were.

My recourse was to drill out the 4 corner holes so there was enough room to seat the screws. I figured that would be okay since the y-axis mounts should align the print bed pretty as far as that goes and the offsets on the arms still provide the same level and support function.

Unfortunately, for my first prints, I'm able to lay down a decent pattern via the V2 configuration gcode, but when I try to put down a decent layer like for the batman symbol, I get curl in the skirt or the model will dislodge on the second layer. I can't tell if the nozzle or probe might be catching, but my calibrations all pass.

Browsing for issues about layer adhesion, I see that some people have reported that their print bed is out of true and had to have it replaced. Could something like that cause those alignment problems? As I mentioned, I can't get any sense of depth to see how those y-axis mounts weren't aligning, but I didn't consider that the print bed might be warped. Well, I did, but I thought that was handled by the auto-calibration process.

I will have to wait until I get home to check the print bed with a straight edge, but I was interested in seeing if there was anyone else who ran into this issue?

Posted : 06/08/2017 7:24 pm
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Re: Print bed frame wont align with heatbed standoffs

Please read this thread through at least page 5 or 6 where V4 of the calibration code is.

This should fix your problem.

It is concerning that you had to drill anything out during assembly. That sounds like a root cause during your build.

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Posted : 06/08/2017 7:55 pm
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Re: Print bed frame wont align with heatbed standoffs

Classic cause for "2 middle holes don't fit" is: accidental reversal of the black y-carriage during step 15 of the build manual: .

These holes are not dead center, so orientation matters.

Posted : 07/08/2017 3:45 pm