T-Shirt Iron-on Transfers with 3D Printer - HowTo

[Closed] T-Shirt Iron-on Transfers with 3D Printer - HowTo  

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Hi, I created a tutorial on how to create T-shirt iron-on transfers with Prusa 3D Printer

Posted : 29/07/2016 10:32 am
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Looks interesting. How many layers did you print at and do the 'transfers' cope with lots of flexing while wearing the shirts? Have you thought of trying something like Flexfill to see if that will stick and cope with movement better?

Posted : 14/08/2016 11:45 pm
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That looks pretty cool. Flex filament would be a good shout.

Posted : 17/08/2016 2:04 pm
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The mind boggles at what could be done as well for Halloween, etc.! 😆 3D Alien Chest Burster anyone? 😮

Iron on the surrounding 'wound' then stitch/tack on the chest burster!

Posted : 17/08/2016 7:20 pm
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Moving paper T-shirts have so much potential, the creativity is the only limiting factor. You will scan doodles or signatures onto your laptop with the aid of transfer paper and print them on tea shirts, wallets, leather jackets, sweatshirts and aprons.

As long as you avoid these Top 10 common mistakes when using transfer paper, you shouldn’t go far wrong:

1. Don’t print on the wrong side of the paper.

2. Don’t forget to print on mirror mode.

3. Don’t forget to cut around the image carefully.

4. Don’t iron on a surface which isn’t flat.

5. Don’t be frightened to get the iron really hot.

6. Don’t keep the iron still.

7. Don’t forget to apply enough iron pressure.

8. Don’t leave any part of the image un-ironed.

9. Don’t forget to fix the image after you’ve removed the backing paper.

10. Don’t wash your garment before the printing has fully set.

Posted : 29/03/2020 7:17 am
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Thanks for the tutorial, I got an idea to implement It.

Posted : 17/07/2020 4:04 am
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Looks interesting.  Thanks.

What exactly do you mean by 'PLA Mat'?

Posted : 17/07/2020 5:53 am

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