[Solved] layers shifting on X Axis  

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Hi , I just got my first 3d printer -> Original Prusa i3 MK3S (the kit) (don't judge 😀 , I know I'm just a newbie ) , took me 2 days almost to put it together , but I have a problem with the layers shifting on X-axis . in rest everything works great . I tried all those tips in the link https://help.prusa3d.com/article/v40kdhc9rk-layer-shifting

 I'm trying to print the whistle, one of the default printing files on the card:

I checked :

-the tension on the belts in settings : X-244 Y-267

- the pulleys are properly aligned and tighten (and the rest of the screws as well)

- add lubricant on the roads 

-  are no obstructions in the path of the extruder or heatbed and their bearings

-I even updated the firmware with the last version thinking that might be gcode error or something 

-  I have calibrated every time after I made any change 

I searched on youtube , forums etc. to see if I could check anything else that I missed , and I didn't find anything 

I will really appreciate if anyone could help me , I'm very exited to use it , it's my first 3d printer (I already said that 😀 )

Even today I am amazed when I see on youtube those perfect prints this printer can do.

One more time thank you everyone in advance 

Posted : 11/09/2019 7:01 am
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Found the problem(I thought is my fault just because I'm a newbie,but is wasn't) .. so after going today (while I was at work, lol) trough : 

-reduce the printing speed 

-turn down the max accelerating 

-reslice the file 

-not sufficient current going trough the motor

-overheating stepper motor driver 

-flow rate to high causing to much material to be laid down 

-inadequate cooling

-if the filament is getting tight then the x axis is going to miss steps because of the drag on it from the fillament

-bearings alignment inside 


I went home , took the printer sit on the floor together and start talking to it  ..... no, I was joking :)))

................................................................floor and start observing what is causing the problem when it jumps and is creating the layer shifting .

I was almost 100% sure that is a mechanical problem just because I could hear a weird noise like something was dragging or like the belt was jumping ....so I start observing the belt on the x axis: no jumps... I start observing the pulley on the x axis : it wasn't sliding ... but I could hear the noise under my eyes! (while the printer was shifting in the same time on the x axis) 

So I turned off the printer and start to play with the extruder ,and guess what : I've noticed at every random moments the hole X axis was jamming ,nice. At least I had a point to start , so I untighten the belt and do the same thing to see where the jamming problem comes from :

it was the stepper motor itself ! I kept rotating it and was confirmed at some moments was jamming for good only if I would back up one step I wasn't able to go forward . Now I hope that my stepper motor is going to be replaced ,cuz I just got my printer two weeks ago . I hope this story and all my short list of research is going to be useful to somebody one day .

Posted : 12/09/2019 8:50 am
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Sounds like a loose pulley or insufficient belt tension.

The belt tension numbers of the LCD are meaningless for belt tension. The numbers represent motor currents, and indicate axis friction, not belt tension. You have to measure belt tension to know what it is - or simply guess at the "sound" of it.  

The set screws on the drive gears must be tightened in a specific order for them to actually work properly.  The Prusa manual doesn't really cover this well.  The screws must start loose, then align and tighten the flat set screw.  Once it is tight, only then tighten the jam set screw that hits the shaft round.  Any other way and the screws will come loose.  To remove the gear, first loosen the jam screw, then loosen the flat screw: any other disassembly risks stripping the locked flat screw.


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Posted : 12/09/2019 8:20 pm

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