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load filament vs. filament change  

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load filament vs. filament change

i noticed each time i select load filament it never fully changes the color the first go properly. I have to select not changed properly or manually extrude about 20mm of filament. i feel it would be better if the load filament option(main menu selection) does the same procedure as the change filament option(speed and distance) in the tune menu. the only reason i see it does it slower and not as much extrusion is to make sure the filament does not jam when first loaded, but i have not had it ever jam when loading filament.

Posted : 19/02/2018 10:44 pm
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Re: load filament vs. filament change

Agreed. Load filament always takes two passes for me when changing PLA for all the prior colour to purge. Would be a nice firmware fix to have it run a little longer on the first pass.

Posted : 20/02/2018 3:18 am
Re: load filament vs. filament change

Load filament has to be slow to also support flex and TPU and not jam.
When loading PETG I extend the load twice to get a clear color - would be nice to only need one extension 😀

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Posted : 20/02/2018 2:11 pm