Extruder MMU2 PTFE tube covered by PLA (wrong functioning)
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[Closed] Extruder MMU2 PTFE tube covered by PLA (wrong functioning)  

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Extruder MMU2 PTFE tube covered by PLA (wrong functioning)

I have left printer working in the night and something occured wrong during the printing was go ahead. I want to by a new piece to of E3D V6 with MMU2 PTFE tube to fix my 3D printer. Does anyone know where to buy it or how I could fix it??


Thanks in advance 🙂


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Posted : 01/07/2019 8:02 pm
RE: Extruder MMU2 PTFE tube covered by PLA (wrong functioning)

The red insulated wires are the heater, the blue insulated wires are the thermistor.  
heaters for mk2, mk2s, mk2.5, mk2.5s  are 12volt 40watt... 
Heaters for Mk3 and mk3s are 24volt 40watt...
It looks like you have damaged the thermistor wires.  (thermistors are the same for mk2s, mk2.5, mk2.5s, mk3, mk3s.)

I don't know where you live. the parts are available directly from Prusa research.   (make sure you are logged in to the eShop page. to see the components. )
If in the UK, you can get the parts direct from E3d...       

the thermistor is held in place, with a tiny socket grub screw.

the heater is clamped in place with a round head socket screw
the PLA (or any filament) tends to glue the screws in place. 
I would suggest getting two heaters and two thermistors and a new heatblock. perhaps a new heatbreak and a new nozzle!
then you can repair the printer immediately and rebuild the old one at your leisure .

regards Joan

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Posted : 01/07/2019 10:36 pm