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[Closed] Mk3s Kit Assembled  

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Mk3s Kit Assembled

These are the finished settings after putting Mk3s kit together.

Y Distance from Min:

Left:       10.64 mm

Right      10.76 mm

Measured skew:               0.03 deg

                Slight skew          0.12 deg

                Severe skew      0.25 deg

[0;0] Point Offset

                X             -1.28 mm

                Y              0.13 mm

Belts Status

                X             279

                Y              287

I will adjust the belt tension to get it between 255-270

I would like to know if there are settings/adjustments I can make to improve any of the other areas?

Posted : 14/11/2019 6:35 pm
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RE: Mk3s Kit Assembled

My only suggestion: Ditch those tension numbers. They are based on motor resistance.

You will have better luck at eyeballing it. No belt droop - and not too tight. It really is not critical.

More critical is to have the drive gear correctly tightened on the shaft (flat side first).

Posted : 14/11/2019 7:25 pm
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RE: Mk3s Kit Assembled

The belt tension numbers are useless indicators for true belt tension; you'll break the printer if you base tension off of them.  The numbers do represent axis friction.  Higher is better (it's an inverse function based on motor drive currents).  My printer hovers around 295 in both axes.

The belts should deflect a certain amount with a certain force.  This is the best way to measure tension unless you have a tension meter.

Belt Tension Calculations

Other calibrations you can do - though generally not required - are k-factor (aka linear advance) and linearity correction.  Probably best to use the printer for a while and determine if the extra work is really worth it.  k-factor affects seams and corners; linearity affects surface qualities.  The defaults Prusa uses are pretty close to ideal, and improvements you'll see are minimal unless you have a bad motor.  And if you have a bad motor then fixing that makes a larger dent in artifacts than LC will.

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Posted : 14/11/2019 7:45 pm