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[Closed] Calibration check after filament reload?  

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Calibration check after filament reload?

I had an issue last week with a tangle on the spool and ended up having to scrap the print.  I caught the issue reasonably quick, but after fixing the tangle some part of the XYZ alignment was off and when it resumed printing it wasn't printing in the correct location.

Today I had a routine filament run out, but during the unloading it jammed and I had to manually remove the filament. Not a big deal, but the X-axis moved a bit while I was manually removing the filament and when the print resumed, the X-axis was off.

I know I could go into the settings and manually adjust to fix this, but that's not something you can readily do quickly enough without creating blemishes on the print.

Cancelling the print and starting a new one works fine, because the printer does it's auto-home and calibration steps.  I understand that doing that mid-print won't work, because of the high probability of a collision with the print.  There should still be a way to validate the XYZ before resuming the print though.  I think an auto-home of just the X and Y axis would have been enough to save me today.  Not sure about last week.

Posted : 11/03/2020 3:19 pm