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Bundled Extra 3d Lab Print Spitfire  

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Bundled Extra 3d Lab Print Spitfire

Hi all, my problem is when I copy files directly to SD card and print I get extrusion issues where the start point for the parts end up with an excess of the filament. So my solution is to pull them into Simplify 3d and amend the commencement of extrusion to reduce this. The problem which I have is I am unable to open the files directly into Simplify 3d and when they are opened from within windows explorer they are opened into the preview mode. When you then try to go to settings view the items disappear.
Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on.

Many thanks

Posted : 01/07/2017 3:11 pm
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Re: Bundled Extra 3d Lab Print Spitfire

I have no experience from simplify 3d, but i maybe able to help to determine cause of extrusion issue if you could give some pictures.

Posted : 09/07/2017 5:33 pm