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White ABS that reacts strong on blacklight?  

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White ABS that reacts strong on blacklight?


does anybody have any experience with fluorescent - blacklight reactive WHITE filment? And it has to be ABS; most sturdy and chemically resiliant for washing machine according to my tests.

There are a ton of “neon” filaments, in yellow, orange, green and blue, but no white! Is there any other way than ordering a ton of white abs samples and trying them out for BL reactivity?

another interesting idea would be UV reactive filament, with blue reactivity, presuming the glow doesnt die out too quickly or can partly “recharge” on club lights.

I’m printing polo shirt embelishments, developing the ultimate clubbing wear.

Posted : 19/09/2019 5:35 pm
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RE: White ABS that reacts strong on blacklight?

There is a difference between fluorescence and phosphorescence.  White is problematic because it already reflects most of the spectrum; unlike colored items that normally reflect only specific bands, but can be made to reflect other band colors by changing the off color wavelength to one similar to the base reflectivity.

So you get white full spectrum color; or green base with green shifted blue light. Or Orange with orange shifted green light.  Etc.  UV flourescence is the same - just using the higher wavelengths.  

There are brighteners for white materials, but plastic is hard to do.



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Posted : 19/09/2019 9:12 pm