Unable to print any Leon character model piece (able to print other models though)

Unable to print any Leon character model piece (able to print other models though)  

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Background: my printer is an i3 MK3s. I've been able to print several of the gcode files provided in the SD card with great success, and I've even be able to download several STL files from Thingiverse, slice them using  PrusaSlicer and print them with not problems (using PLA, PET or FLEX). It's been working fine so far (I'm a newbie though).


Afterwards, my son wanted to print some models from a game character, and we found the following model at Thingiverse (Brawl Stars Leon):




However, all our attempts to print any of the character pieces (arm, head, body, etc) are failing miserably - we've downloaded the STL files, sliced them using the default settings for PLA in PrusaSlicer (which worked great for the other models) but every attempt to print them fail (usually the printer nozzle gets tangled with the printed piece or similar).

The only new/different thing that we tried was to use supports (we didn't have a need to do that before), perhaps there's a trick to it? I'm not an expert, could it be there's something in the STL file that I need to be aware of?  I thought STL were portable across printers.


In case it matters, my configuration used in PrusaSlicer is:



- Print Settings: 0.15 mm QUALITY MK3

- Filament: Generic PLA

- Printer: Original Prulsa i3 MK3S

- Support: Support on build plate only

- Infill: 15%

- Brim: selected

Print Settings

- Layer Height: 0.15 mm

- First layer height: 0.2 mm

- Perimeters: 2

- Spiral Vase: unselected

- Solid Layers: Top: 7  

- Solid Layers: Bottom: 5

- Seam Position: Nearest


Filament Settings and Printer Settings are the default PrusaSlicer values (haven't changed them)


The picture below shows a failed "body" model (the part with the supports and a blob of melted filament on top) and a failed "head" model (the thin printed part, it failed after printing the brim). However, in between I was able to print the Prusa log with no problems.


Any idea/help/pointers will be appreciated, my son is vey disappointed that I cannot print the model.


Failed Leon print 







Posted : 16/10/2019 2:31 am

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