Thermal Runaway  

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Ok I've made two attempts at printing a fairly large object out of 30% glass fill nylon filament (Amidex PA6-GF30) and both times the printer stops with a thermal runaway warning in almost the exact same spot during the print. I seem to be running into the issue when the print starts the top solid layer. Now the only thing I can this of is that the printer is extruding filament fast enough that is pulling heat out of the nozzle faster than it can heat the nozzle. So I would imagine that slowing down the solid top layer speed should fix this? Another thing I noticed is that when I get this warning and the printer stops, that the layer cooling fan is running at full blast. Does anyone know if the fan gets turned on as a result of the thermal runaway as a safety precaution, or do I have something setup wrong in the slicer settings causing the fan to come on during this part of the print? I'm pretty sure I have the layer cooling fan disabled in slicer.

Posted : 08/10/2019 8:39 pm

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